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Wedding Domaine du Baron Lac Montriond

Domaine du Baron at Lac Montriond

The incredible wedding venue Domaine du Baron, is set on Lake Montriond. The perfect spot to get married in the French Alps. 


Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Lake Montriond + The Domaine du Baron – a match made in Alpine heaven.

Breathtakingly beautiful, we are absolutely blessed to have this incredible venue available to our couples for the most memorable wedding experience. You can be certain that you’ll be surrounded with awe-inspiring scenery that makes for a day you’ll never forget.

Perhaps you’ve visited Morzine or Avoriaz for ski or snowboard holiday and wondered what it’s like as a place to get married? There is a beautiful selection of wedding venues in the area and the stunning ‘salle’ at the Domaine is one of our favourites for summer, winter - any time of year really!


Groomsmen at the Domaine du Baron.jpg

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

The famous Alpine lake ‘Lac Montriond’ is an amazing back drop for your wedding day, the lake is lined with trees and towering mountains, so here’s your ultimate guide to getting married at the Domaine du Baron.

Salle du Domaine du Baron

This gorgeous wedding venue is set at the foot of the Lindaret cliffs and looks out across Lac Montriond. Located in the Haute Savoie and near the ski area of the Portes du Soleil, the Domaine du Baron has grown in popularity in recent years.


The dates for weddings almost all sell out when they are released (12 minutes is the record actually!) The booking runs on a first come first serve basis so you cannot guarantee the date you’ll get and must supply several options to the venue. The Salle is located  in Montriond, just 1 hour and 15 minutes from Geneva airport, offering a huge vareity of flights from most airports in the UK and world wide, giving your wedding guests plenty of travel options.

The Venue

The venue doesn’t just serve as a wedding venue, it is in fact a building of the municipality, meaning it is a government-owned building looked after by the local Montriond municipality (council). Every year it hosts weddings and all sorts of local and international events like Film Festivals or sporting celebrations.


The building consists of 1 large dining hall that can be split into 2, an industrial kitchen with walk-in fridge, toilets, a cloakroom, a bar area with built-in pumps and fridges. Outside there is a large decking area that looks out across the lake and wraps around the building. Constructed with panoramic windows to make the most of the sweeping views, several sets of double doors open out onto the deck and there are steps down onto a smaller tiered garden.

Wedding ceremony at Salle du Domaine du Baron Montriond

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Booking the Domaine du Baron

The Domaine du Baron require you to book a year in advance, but you can only submit your request for a booking at midnight on the 1st of January, believe it or not, it goes somewhat like tickets to Glastonbury and often sells out fast!


Your date request is treated on a first come first served basis so you’ll either be able to secure your date or be offered the next best thing. Expect to wait 7-10 days for a response from the venue, they have hundreds of requests to deal with so it can take sometime.


They offer several difference packages, the most popular one being the weekend package that generally allows you access at 10am on the Friday before your wedding with the building being returned on the Monday morning at 9am.


With the limited number of weekends available you can also book weekday weddings where the Domaine du Baron offer a discounted price for a shorter rental period, in this case you’ll be allowed access the day of the wedding with hand over the following day give or take and depending on what other events are already booked.

What's included at the Domaine

Along with your package, you have the choice of hire items, including round tables, chairs, linen, crockery, and glassware. The salle offers wooden benches that can be used for your ceremony and a stage for your band. There is a basic lighting rig as part of the package as well as the opportunity to hang any decorations.

If you are looking to get married at the Domaine du Baron you need to organise almost everything yourself as the venue is ‘dry hire’ which basically means you are renting the space and the space only.

This means that the following things will need to be organised

and booked by you:


The florist

The catering

Bar staff and waiting staff

Alcoholic beverages and refreshments


Sound equipment

The cleaning


Decor hire

Celebrant (if you are having one)


You will also need to take charge of setting up the venue, so everything from laying out the furniture, setting the tables with your crockery and glassware along with all of your décor, stocking the bar and any other preparation. These are all things that Wilder Weddings can help you with, whether you just want us there on the day to create something beautiful that runs like clockwork, or if you need us to pull together the entire picture for you, just get in touch.

Wedding guest at venue Lac Montriond

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles


Photo Credits: Mark Steward

Wedding couple at lake montriond

The Key Exchange

As you sign over sole responsibility of the venue, you’ll need to do a key exchange with the venue manager.

You will need to be present (ideally with a French speaker) to sign over the building. The manager will run your through the building, how to lock up, how to set the alarms, how to move the furniture around, set up the tables, how the sound system works, the lighting, all the rules and regulations you need to be aware of (such as no candles or balloons) and the standard expected on handover. With our planning packages we have an options where we do the key exchange with you.


The Bar

There is no paid bar option at the Domaine du Baron, you can run only an honesty or free bar unless your caterer has a bar licence in which case this would be possible.  


Practicality – Getting there and where to stay

Whilst the location is a great wedding venue, we’d actually recommend staying in nearby Morzine or Montriond, the lake itself is quite isolated, there are one or two restaurants and no other bars in walking distance. This would mean that guests coming to France without transport will be left feeling a little stranded in the tiny hamlet.


With limited taxi options and sparse and somewhat unreliable bus service staying in one of the larger villages nearby also gives your guests a much wider range of accommodation to choose from.

We can arrange coaches or cabs up to the venue and back for the big day meaning that everyone gets to enjoy being in walking access to the ski lifts that run during the summer and winter months, as well as countless bars, restaurants, shops and all the hustle and bustle you’d expect from an Alpine resort stay.

Your wedding planner at the Domaine du Baron

The prospect of a dry hire venue can feel daunting so if you want someone to take care of the details we'd be delighted to hear from you. We offer a variety of packages to suit most budgets as well as offering an array of decor and furniture hire items to turn your blank canvas into something spectacular.

Learn more about our wedding planning packages here or get in touch, we offer free consultations, so pour a glass of vino and let's talk about your dream day.

View our Portfolio for more wedding pictures of the Domaine du Baron

We have hosted and planned many weddings over the years at the Domaine du Baron, you can see the pictures in our portfolio. We have a small selection below or choose one of the specific galleries listed here...

Katie & James Wedding Domaine du Baron

Jenna & Phil Wedding Domaine du Baron

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Wedding Ceremony Lac Montriond

Photo Credits: Damien Mcarthur


Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Lake Montriond Salle du Domaine du Baron.jpg

Photo Credits: Mark Steward

Wedding table set-up at the Domaine du Baron

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Wedding guests Lac Montriond wedding

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Domaine du Baron wedding venue.jpg

Photo Credits: Mark Steward

outside lounge domaine du baron deck.jpg
Nail game set up at the domaine du baron

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles


Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Lake Montriond Domaine du baron wedding

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

Wedding venue decor French alps morzine
French alps mountain wedding montriond

Photo Credits: Damien Mcarthur

bride and groom lake montriond.jpg

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

French alps wedding venue Morzine

Photo Credits: Sam Ingles

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