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Wedding Planning in the mountains in the face of a pandemic

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

"The hills are alive, with the sounds of musiiiiccc." (or should we say pandemics?)

Here in the French alps hundreds of brides carefully picked their dream French wedding destination for 2020 and all at once most have had to move their dream plans to 2021 or even 2022 for some.

This year was the year that shook the wedding industry, it’s reported that the industry in the UK will lose approximately £5.6 billion, and the effects are expected to be felt for years to come. (Source Business Live)

But the pandemic and it’s disruption doesn’t stop here, even 2021 will be weddings re:loaded in regards to the way we approach them, plan them -whether it’s hand-santizer on arrival, masked workers and spaced out seating, we’ll also be ensuring further protective agreements are in place for both our suppliers and our couples.

Bride and grooms the world over have found themselves re-organising and re-imaging what their wedding day would be, alongside industry suppliers like florists, DJ’s, weddings bands and wedding planners like us, having their world turned upside down and inside out.

At Wilder Weddings we’re taking the silver lining here, the fact that, even in such a heart breaking moment of moving our clients weddings another year or two, we plan on making our couples day, even better, even more unique, even more memorable than before.

Waiting this extra time, waiting to see those smiling family faces on your big day, getting to wear the dress you painstakingly chose, seeing your dreams of the day come to life, will just be even more special, memorable and sacred than it would have been before.

The build-up and anticipation for any wedding is something to look forward to and not something that should lead to sweaty palms, the unknown or dread, it should be joyful.

Counting down the day till you put on that dress, mother of the brides shopping for their own outfits, deciding on the finishing touches. All of these special moments in the build up to a wedding, are just as sacred as the day itself, and with both of those moments being taken away from our couples we had no choice but to look on the bright side, and get them excited for what's to come, because, after all, everyone deserves the wedding they dreamt of.

We’ve lived in the French Alps for nearly 8 years now, it’s our home, it’s where our heart is, we walk the same forests that we show you for ceremony locations, swim in the same lakes that many of our brides have said ‘I do’ next to, and we put the same level of effort and care into our clients weddings as we did to our very own.

We also think, how very important our own planning and wedding day experience was in our careers as planners, and that our ability to draw on both professional and personal memories is priceless.

Despite being in our 3rd year at Wilder Weddings, we still have our breath taken away at every ceremony we plan, we still take great joy seeing guests draw’s drop when they arrive at a venue here, we still laugh together at the best man’s speeches. Maybe it’s just the mountain magic of Morzine weddings, or it could be the fact that we’ve been blessed with working with wonderful couples all these years, which has certainly made this strange year all the more bearable.

One thing we know for sure is how grateful we are to still be working in such unprecedented times and to be working with such amazing local suppliers that have accommodated our couples this year, in the same way that we have and will continue to do.

And whilst this year has not panned out exactly how we’d envisioned it, we know that that the next wedding we do is going to taste just that be sweeter after such a long wait.

So tonight, we’ll raise a glass to everyone who had their plans dashed, whether you were heading to Morzine, Montriond, Marbella, Manchester, wherever - here’s to next year - santé!

The Wilder Weddings Team

Ian & Faye

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